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Welcome to Grand Island Festival and BBQ Battle in Grand Island, NY

Event Day


This is a fundraiser for the Grand Island Farmers and GI not-for-profits! All money raised will go back into the community!

Join us in supporting our town and having a family friendly day! 

The beach will be open! 

Turtle Race?

More information to come......  but get ready to race your winning rubber turtle in the Lagoon!  2:30 pm.

Opportunity to adopt your turtle for $5 and race. 

Support GI Farms and Kiwanis of GI! 

The festival will begin at 11am at Beaver Island State Park until 7pm.  Parking is Free.  

There will be a competition going on with local BBQ teams until 3pm.  You can join in and purchase a Citizen Choice judging card.  This card is $10 and allows you in the competition and to judge 8 teams and their pulled pork!  Over a pound of meat!  

Come hungry!

From 11am-7pm the Beaver Island Grove will be offering Food Vendors, Craft Vendors, BBQ Vendors, Farmers Market, Bands, and a Beer Tent. 

Awards will be given out at 6pm to the winners of the first Grand Island BBQ Competition.



About Us

Grand Island BBQ

The thought behind this event originated between Neil Gallagher, a BBQ Pit-Master and a leader of the BBQ Team Too Sauced to Pork, and Corey McGowan Productions. As a resident of Grand Island Neil always had the vision of promoting this type of an event on Grand Island. Grand Island BBQ and Corey McGowan Productions would like to make this event a yearly event at Beaver Island State Parks. Vincent Corulli a 9 year resident of Grand Island, Grand Island BBQ creator, and a member of Too Sauced to Pork Team decided to work in conjunction and create an event with the Grand Island Grand Ideas or GI2. GI2 can be found on Facebook for Island residents.  GI2 is a local activism community forum group that is very active within Grand Island and wants to add community events and giving back as part of their mission. Vincent had found out that Neil had already talked to Corey McGowan and he had some information for Grand Island BBQ to work from. Vincent arranged a meeting with interested Islanders in an effort to move forward. Meetings have been had since the beginning of the year with Jenn Pusatier. Jenn is an active community member and is currently sitting on GI2, and multiple community organizations. The event will not only involve a BBQ Competition, but promote Grand Island Farms, Inc., local businesses, vendors, and crafters under Corey McGowan Productions. The event will also include a Mini Turbo Turtle Race to support the local non for profit organizations via an adoption fundraiser opportunity for each group that is interested. The BBQ competition will have a people’s choice tasting/judging opportunity and a blind judging competition for BBQ teams.

Corey McGowan Productions

Corey McGowan Productions is an event management and entertainment company, specializing in street festivals. We provide a full range of services including large scale event management, sponsorship packages, fundraising, event logistics, advertising campaigns, press releases, talent booking, food & beverage and promotional services.

Our company began in the summer of 2012 while leading a fundraiser to complete a mural project in Grand Island, NY.  There was a large shortage of funds needed to complete this project and in order to raise funds for the mural, Corey McGowan founded the Taste of Grand Island. The first ever Taste of Grand Island served as a fundraiser for this project and all revenue from the event went directly towards completing the artisitc historical montage of Grand Island which was unveiled during the event.

Corey McGowan Productions is constantly looking for new events that fit the values and goals of our company. Since 2012 we have orchestrated over 200 events throughout the Western New York region and have grown a portfolio of events reaching over 150,000 people a year.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Grand Island BBQ Battle and Festival